Palm Trees in Palm Beach, Broward and Martin County

No tree is more recognized as a symbol of Florida than the palm tree. Palm trees are beautiful and few other symbols conjure up such magic as the instantly recognizable outline of a palm. Palm trees are always associated with sun, white beaches, vacation, and relaxed lifestyle. In Florida, anywhere you look you will see beautiful palm trees. They are used in many landscapes including botanical gardens, shopping malls, near swimming pools, along streets and coasts, and resorts.

There are over 2,500 different palm tree species in the world and almost all of them can be grown in Florida. Palm trees can be separated into few major types depending on their trunk, leaf structure, growth rate, size, and cold tolerance. Palms are evergreen, mostly tropical plant in the family Palmae (also known as Arecaceae). Most Palms are tree-like, with single trunks and either fan shaped (palmate) or feather shaped (pinnate) compound leaves. The larger palm tree makes a dramatic statements in USDA Zone 8-10 landscapes, and a smaller palms are grown in containers everywhere.

Worldwide, the family Palmae (Palm Tree) is composed of over 230 genera and about 3000 species. Only a few of these are indigenous to the continental United States, and most of these are restricted to the warmer regions of southern United States, southern Florida and southern California. However, a large number of exotic species have been imported for ornamental purposes and a few of these have become widely naturalized.

Palm trees are often associated with fun in the sun and other memorable moments spent in tropical locales. Not surprisingly, many homeowners enthusiastically plant palms near their patios and pools to recreate those fond memories. However, before you start adding palms to your property, it's a good idea to select a type that will prosper in your particular neck of the woods.

Zimmerman Tree Service provides expert care and specialized treatments to keep your palm trees at their best. Our professional arborists assess the needs of each of your palm trees, diagnosis any issues and customize treatments specifically for your property.